Our Training Methodology

We connect you with fully trained student interns, ready to hit the ground running on Day 1

Program Overview

A transformational journey

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Ready to hit the ground running

Based on the specific function of your proposed project, the student will go through the workshop to familiarize themselves with the big-picture industry landscape.
Industry Knowledge Workshop

Featured Workshops

Enpowering diverse career interests
Finance & Accounting
Programming & Computer Concept
Data Analytics
Entrepreneurship & Technology
Market Research
Business Communication

Technical Skills Digital Course

Minimizing the onboarding effort of your organization

Soft Skills Workshop

Your Team's Upcoming Brand Ambassador

Transform students into real-world-ready professionals
Networking Training
Help expand your company network to SF Bay Area Local Communities
Business Commmunication
Fast and effective Integration to your existing operation and workflow
Social Media Advocate
Serve as the strongest advocate for your company on social media
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Structured Internship Program

A 6-week long project-based learning experience
Our dedicated project specialist will work with you to scope out a suitable project. Our team will also help facilitate the project logistics throughout the internship duration.
  • Week 1
    Program Orientation

    Provide Company Overview to the intern(s)
    Set up project schedule and weekly goal
  • Week 2 - Week 3
    Project Implementation

    Guide the intern to start on their projects
    Evaluate the intern initial deliverables
    Regular progress syncup
  • End of Week 3
    Midpoint Check-in

    Evaluate project progress status
    Sync up with Bear Tech Coordinator
    If needed, Adjust the project scope based on the deliverable completion status
  • Week 4 - Week 5
    Project Implementation

    Project Implementation
    Regular progress syncup
    Ad-Hoc Project Adjustment
    Guide student to start preparing for final deliverables
  • Week 6
    Project Wrapup

    Guide the intern to polish the final deliverables
    Provide feedbacks and performance review of the intern. If applicable, communicate post-program collaboration opportunities with the intern
Specialized Project Coaches
During project implementation, the student will have access to dedicated coaches
all of whom are current working professionals in their respective specialty
Our coaches are selected from a pool of top industry professionals who specialize in:
Kali Sharp
TMT Expert
VBA Expert
Marcus Rountree
Belk Inc
Victor Shin
Bank of the West
Andrew Romero
Former Investment Banker
Alex Hagerman
Daniel Will
Naeem Zafar
Serial Entrepreneur
Andy Chen
Blockchain Enthusiast
Ravi Kurani
Jacqueline Morgan
Career Insights Roundtable

Career Vision Development

Guide students to align their project experiences with their future career development
Face-to-Face Coaching
Subject Expert first-hand career insights
Cohort Support
Peers’ Project Experiences Sharing
Real-World Project Feedback
Expert's feedbacks on the student's project progress
Final Project Delivery Conference
7 minutes project
showcase + 3 mins Q&A
Judged by
industry subject experts
One Best Project
Presentation will be selected
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